Healthcare Financing

Explore Your Healthcare and Medical Financing Options

Like other businesses, medical practices need resources and capital to grow and thrive. TMF Capital Group has healthcare financing options to meet your most critical needs. And when growth opportunities away, we can also help you seize them.

Debt Consolidation Loans

During your practice’s first years, you can accumulate a lot of debt. Why not streamline it into one low monthly payment with our debt consolidation loans? You also get one low monthly payment and can pay off your debt within seven days after application approval.

 Medical Equipment Financing

Keeping pace with treatment and diagnostic technologies is key to providing outstanding care. We have equipment leases and loans with a wide range of payment options plus coverage for up to 50% of your soft costs.

Working Capital Loans

Money for working capital and daily operations is key to your practice’s survival. Our working capital loans can provide this funding with some useful advantages:

  • No upfront payments needed
  • Loan terms as long as 72 months
  • Loans not reported on personal credit

With a simple application, you can ask for up to $75,000. Include complete financial statements and apply for up to $250,000.

Practice Acquisition Financing

Ready to complete that merger, acquisition or partner buyout? Our practice acquisition loans can do just that. We offer 100% financing to qualified applicants.

Our healthcare financing can open many doors for your practice. Find out how by contacting us today.

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