TMF and Minority Lending

An Alternative Financial Business that Lends Capital to Business and Real Estate Investors

TMF Capital Group provides business loans and commercial real estate loans from $5,000 to over $500,000,000 to businesses with virtually any type of credit and in any industry.

In addition to being able to take advantage of the opportunities created by loan turndowns from banks, we will be able to provide alternative solutions for businesses and commercial real estate investors that are extremely competitive and more attractive than traditional lending programs.

We have the ability to offer over 50 different types of commercial loans to businesses and commercial real estate investors. We have over 45 lenders that we have been approved to do business with.

The Bias of Net Worth

Overtly, banks are biased against businesses that have low net worth, few assets, and low credit scores. Wealth levels among minority groups are up to 16 times lower than those of whites. Since minority-owned businesses do not have the collateral to offer traditional lenders, banks make the assumption that those businesses will not be able to repay their loans, or at the very least present a higher risk to the bank.

Minority-owned businesses also have credit ratings that average around 700, which is much lower than white-owned businesses. Since traditional channels require perfect or near-perfect credit ratings for consideration and approval – which can even overshadow the performance of the business itself – minorities are facing an uphill battle just to get the working capital they need to maintain or grow their businesses.

Unequal Access to Small Business Financing

It’s a real shame that a growing business can face setbacks and dwindling capital access purely based on their ethnicity and gender. But it happens. Often.

Research shows that lenders assess their borrowers based on cultural stereotypes and the borrowers’ status. In an eye-opening experiment, a survey was done that showed an evaluated series of loan applications where race and gender were tampered with.

Despite the applicant’s having identical financial histories, the results frustratingly show that race and gender “significantly affect lenders’ funding decisions because they alter lenders’ status beliefs about the applicants, making gaining small business loans for minorities an uphill battle.

In fact, a 2017 governmental service on the availability of credit to small businesses, found that less than 47% of black-owned businesses seeking finance from the bank were funded. This failure rate was highest among all categories by a whopping 10%! Female-owned firms were also more likely to be turned down than their male counterparts despite external factors such as finance and business health being of similar levels.

Loans for minority-owned businesses are hard to come by, but not in the digital lending landscape.

Using TMF Capital Group that is 100% online – it’s perfect for providing business loans for minorities. You can now get a loan for your small-medium business based on the health of your business alone. With none of that gender and racial bias malarkey.

At the TMF Capital Group there will be no shady questions regarding your ethnicity, and certainly no gender inequality.  If you are wondering why there’s ‘no cost’ and how this is even possible, think of TMF Capital as a matchmaking service, matching you, the borrower, with lenders that are best suited to your needs. It’s that simple.

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Eden Amirav, CEO

“When it comes to the race and/or ethnicity of a given applicant, at the end of the day, it really has no impact on a candidate’s viability. Alternative lenders are of a new, modern class of business, using methods that are changing the nature of the industry – for the better. Those companies that have embraced the digital world cut the need for face-to-face interactions are eradicating the ‘issue’ of race altogether with regards to loan approval. Business owners should be provided with an equal opportunity based entirely on the health of their business.”

Millions Upon Millions of Businesses Cannot Access Capital

Businesses are always in constant need of capital. Whether it is capital to expand, make payroll, purchase equipment, or just need working capital for operations, business owners are always trying to find a lending source.

We have access to banks, lenders, private investors, and private investment firms that can approve most loans that traditional banks turn down, we have some lenders that can offer better rates and terms than traditional banks.

We have lenders that can solve these common problems business owners face with banks today. 

What this means is that we will have extremely competitive programs for businesses with great credit and financials.

With our unique and complete finance business model representing a multitude of innovative capital solutions from lenders that can approve a majority of what banks turn down, our potential client base is virtually unlimited with very little competition.

Our philosophy has always been to let the qualities of our program and the past success attest to how successful and unique our program really is.

Then, we let you decide for yourself. We highly encourage you to conduct your own comparison between our commercial finance programs and other companies that claim to offer as much as we do.

 If you are wondering why there’s ‘no cost’ and how this is even possible, think of TMF Capital as a matchmaking service, matching you, the borrower, with lenders that are best suited to your needs. It’s that simple.

TMF Capital Can Make A Difference for Black and Minority-Owned Businesses

Why don’t Black people and other minorities have a larger presence in financing? Why are minority-owned businesses underserved? More importantly, what can the commercial finance sector do to give others a voice and ensure minority-owned businesses can access the financing they need?

As of 2017, there were over 11 million minority-owned businesses in the United States, generating upwards of $1 trillion dollars annually. Yet those same hard-working and successful monitory-owned businesses are underserved by traditional financing channels with high loan turndown rates and limits on capital that fall well below the requested amounts. This raises two big questions: 1. Why is this happening so consistently to minority-owned businesses.              2. What can we do to change the status quo?

Being aware of financing issues for Black and minority-owned businesses is a good place to start, but someone needs to take action. If minority-owned businesses are not getting approved for traditional financing, what incentive would they have to seek funding from lenders or even commercial finance professionals?   Minority-owned businesses know the statistics do not favor them in business lending, so they just try to keep their operations running with out-of-pocket expense.

Alternative Lending is a good place to start

Even successful Black and minority-owned businesses historically do not qualify or cannot access the funding they need to maintain operations or to grow. In the commercial finance industry, TMG is aware of these facts and will apply our Alternative Lending Concept to Black and minority-owned businesses in our own cities and throughout the country. Once we can identify the crucial awareness about the types of minority-owned businesses in a certain area and how they are performing, we can than create a plan of action to get funding for your company.

TMF Capital Group Can Make A Difference And Break The Cycle.

TMF Commercial finance professionals will be able to reach out to Black and minority-owned businesses to identify their pain points. Are they experiencing cash flow problems? Do they need extra capital for inventory? Do they have goals for growth? And the crucial question, what has kept them from getting the financing they need? Taking the initiative to open the conversation is a big first step.

As commercial lenders, we have the ability to go beyond the traditional loans offered by banks. We can find solutions for Black and minority-owned businesses that have been deemed “unbankable” by traditional lenders. From working capital to equipment to growth solutions and everything in between, we can offer accessible financing to help minority-owned businesses and break that streak of loan turndowns from traditional channels that have historically prevented them from achieving their full potential.

We Offer the Best Commercial Finance Products in The Industry.

The backbone of lenders for our business consists of FDIC banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, private equity firms, private capital sources, and private investors. Also, we are only a few of the commercial brokers that can get access to private investors to fund all types of financing requests.

This is especially useful because private investors do not have the same restrictions and red tape that banks do. These private investors consist of single wealthy individuals or groups of wealthy individuals that pool their funds together to finance specific projects. We have the ability to finance any type of credit and fund transactions, both domestic and international. Best of all, we are approved with banks, lenders, and private investors to do business directly with each product such as:

Equipment Leasing
Medical Practice Loans
Merchant Capital Loans
Asset Based Financing
Bridge Loans
Structured Settlement/Annuity Financing
Asset Based Lines of Credit
Venture Capital

Business Acquisitions
Energy & Commodity Finance
Contract Financing
Commercial Real Estate Financing
Mezzanine Financing
Construction Financing
Mergers & Acquisitions
Term Loans
HUD Loans

Accounts Receivable Financing
SBA Loans Franchise Financing
Working Capital Loans
Sale Leasebacks
Project Financing
Hard Money Loans
Gas Station Financing
Medical Accounts Receivable Financing
Equity Financing

Purchase Order Financing
Hotel Financing
Commercial Development Financing
Mobilization Financing
Unsecured Lines Of Credit
Joint Venture Capital
Consumer Financing Programs
Airplane Financing
B & I Loans & CMBS Loans and More

As our private lenders and advisory firm, these investors have funded over two billion dollars’ worth of transactions to date, averaging over $300 million dollars a year.

At TMF Capital we have the capacity to do loans up to $500,000,000 or more. These are very complex financing requests, and we have the right lenders and private investors that have the expertise, in-depth knowledge, and capital to fund these types of transactions.

Always A Need for Capital

The great thing about TMF Capital Group is that it is a recession proof business model. No matter how great or poor the economy is, business owners will always need capital.

This, in turn, allows us to always produce cost savings for your business. Whereas with traditional lending, they can be very one dimensional and can be severely affected when the economy is in a poor state.

Giving Back Is One of Our Top Priorities

Business philanthropy is very important to our business model. Giving back to our community and to those in need is what builds a stronger community, economy, and business.

The staff at TMF Capital Group always emphasizes the importance of donating time, money, and resources back to the community to help build the weak parts and be a part of something greater than you and your business.

Our business philosophy is to create a unique financial business opportunity for our clients that will ultimately help businesses across the nation. It is with that same spirit that we help to create opportunities for charitable organizations that we strongly believe in.

One of the main advantages of our program is the wide variety of commercial financing products and instruments we are able to offer you.

At TMF Capital we are able to handle small deals in the $25,000 range and larger, more complex deals in the multi-million-dollar range.

The TMF Marketing Group

At TMF Capital we are not just a finance company we also have our own state of art TMF Digital Marketing Company.

Our TMF Marketing is one of the most important features of growing your business. We have the nation only dedicated full-service finance marketing team.

TMF Capital  Marketing Group. handles the marketing needs of finance companies, banks, and brokers throughout the country.

This means your business will have a specialized marketing team consisting of over 30 people to coach, educate and handle any marketing need your business has.

With our one-of-a—kind Digital Marketing product, we will be able to increase any company bottom line revenue by 10-50% when it comes to marketing no other company can say they know more than us.

Our TMF Marketing is one of the most important features when growing your business. We have the nation only dedicated full-service finance marketing team.

We will show you the secrets of internet marketing, direct marketing, free marketing, vendor marketing, email marketing, role-playing scenarios, publication marketing and many more to get your business increased revenue.’

The TMF Marketing Group has a robust team of expert marketing professionals that offer tailored services like:

SEO or search engine optimization, ad words management, internet marketing, content Strategy, email marketing strategy, link building, website creation, public relations, video production, media buying, radio and TV, direct mail and more.

Each employee is trained and educated in every area in finance and commercial finance. Banks, commercial finance companies and brokers continually use The Finance Marketing Group for their marketing needs because they know The Finance Marketing Group knows the industry…simply because they are in the industry.


Number of Minority Owned U.S. Small Businesses Growing Rapidly

According to research from The Business Journals SMB Insights group the number of minority owned small businesses in the U.S. is growing much faster than overall small business growth rate.

As their chart below shows, between 2007 and 2017 the number minority owned SMBs have grown by 79% reaching 11.1 million.

This growth is about 10 times faster than the 7.6% overall growth rate for U.S. small businesses during this period.

The growth in minority owned businesses in part reflects the changing demographics of America. It is expected that by sometime between 2040 and 2050 the U.S. will be a minority majority country. So it makes sense that the percent of small businesses owned by minorities would be increasing.

The data in these charts include both employer small businesses (those that employ at least one traditional employee) and non-employer small businesses (solopreneur businesses that do not have traditional employees).

Employer small businesses still skew towards ownership by older, white males.