Who Are We

TMF Capital Group is a company that prides itself on Treating our Clients with Dignity and Respect.  At TMF Capital Group we strive to abide by the old


At TMF we just don’t get your business funded, we provide other solutions to help your business grow.

TMF is Christian based company with a strong belief in God, that with him in our lives there is nothing impossible that God can’t take care of.  No matter how tough a project we will undertake, TMF feels God will direct our paths and provide a way to work things out to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

At TMF Capital Group, we work with our lending partners to supply you with realistic yet affordable loan programs. By having such a diverse and deep network of contacts, TMF can provide you with multiple options so that you can make an intelligent, informed decision on which loans, rates and terms are right for you. The best part about it? You don’t have to risk damaging your credit score by making these inquiries on your own.

You could approach a dozen lenders on your own, which brings your score down to an absurd level, and still not get half of the number of lending options that TMF Capital Group can provide.  We have a far-reaching network of private investors partners to serve you by finding the right business loans you are looking for your unique financial situation.

We can do this because we have excellent relationships with all our investors that have been built up over years of working in the commercial real estate industry. You can rest assured that when you pick an option that we provide, you are getting the best deal customize just for you.

An Alternative Financial Business that Lends Capital to Business and Real Estate Investors

TMF Capital Group provides business loans and commercial real estate loans from $5,000 to over $500,000,000 to businesses with virtually any type of credit and in any industry.

In addition to being able to take advantage of the opportunities created by loan turndowns from banks, we will be able to provide alternative solutions for businesses and commercial real estate investors that are extremely competitive and more attractive than traditional lending programs.

We have the ability to offer over 50 different types of commercial loans to businesses and commercial real estate investors. We have over 45 lenders that we have been approved to do business with.

Millions Upon Millions of Businesses Cannot Access Capital

Businesses are always in constant need of capital. Whether it is capital to expand, make payroll, purchase equipment, or just need working capital for operations, business owners are always trying to find a lending source.

We have access to banks, lenders, private investors, and private investment firms that can approve most loans that traditional banks turn down, we have some lenders that can offer better rates and terms than traditional banks.

We have lenders that can solve these common problems business owners face with banks today. 

What this means is that we will have extremely competitive programs for businesses with great credit and financials.

With our unique and complete finance business model representing a multitude of innovative capital solutions from lenders that can approve a majority of what banks turn down, our potential client base is virtually unlimited with very little competition.

Our philosophy has always been to let the qualities of our program and the past success attest to how successful and unique our program really is.

Then, we let you decide for yourself. We highly encourage you to conduct your own comparison between our commercial finance programs and other companies that claim to offer as much as we do.

 If you are wondering why there’s ‘no cost’ and how this is even possible, think of TMF Capital as a matchmaking service, matching you, the borrower, with lenders that are best suited to your needs. It’s that simple.

The TMF Marketing Group

At TMF Capital we are not just a finance company we also have our own state of art TMF Digital Marketing Company.

Our TMF Marketing is one of the most important features of growing your business. We have the nation only dedicated full-service finance marketing team.

TMF Capital  Marketing Group. handles the marketing needs of finance companies, banks, and brokers throughout the country.

This means your business will have a specialized marketing team consisting of over 30 people to coach, educate and handle any marketing need your business has.

With our one-of-a—kind Digital Marketing product, we will be able to increase any company bottom line revenue by 10-50% when it comes to marketing no other company can say they know more than us.

Our TMF Marketing is one of the most important features when growing your business. We have the nation only dedicated full-service finance marketing team.

We will show you the secrets of internet marketing, direct marketing, free marketing, vendor marketing, email marketing, role-playing scenarios, publication marketing and many more to get your business increased revenue.’

The TMF Marketing Group has a robust team of expert marketing professionals that offer tailored services like:

SEO or search engine optimization, ad words management, internet marketing, content Strategy, email marketing strategy, link building, website creation, public relations, video production, media buying, radio and TV, direct mail and more.

Each employee is trained and educated in every area in finance and commercial finance. Banks, commercial finance companies and brokers continually use The Finance Marketing Group for their marketing needs because they know The Finance Marketing Group knows the industry…simply because they are in the industry.

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